I had this idea for a really great novel last night. It has everything. Murder, intrigue, spies, terrorists, pedophiles, and even a Girl Scout troop selling poison Thin Mints. Just on the first page alone forty-nine people are killed when a Greyhound bus explodes while half way between Cheyenne and Denver. The explosion is caused by a bag in the cargo space that contained an experimental explosive, just being developed by the Army which makes a fire so hot that even the metal of the bus melted. When the first responders arrived there was nothing but a puddle of slag in the middle of the fast lane.

The second chapter starts with the bad guys using this same super explosive to blow up the dikes that have just been repaired in New Orleans, putting a big chunk of the town under water again, and this time with no advance warning, so it is an even bigger disaster than Katrina. There are bodies floating in the street, and they got the bridges into the city too. All people can see are just lots of rocks flying and water gushing through the streets. It hits all the news networks for the five o’clock news on Friday night, July 13th. in time for everyone to spend the weekend glued to the TV. watching the city try to evacuate, just like last time.

And in chapter three, the aliens drop bombs in all the major geysers in Yellowstone Park, in an attempt to set off the super volcano under the park in one of the greatest eruptions of all time. That sort of fizzes because there isn’t enough magma built up under the caldera for a really huge eruption, but what does blow takes out most of Wyoming and a good bit of South Dakota. The aliens give up on Yellowstone and take off for the South Pacific to try their hand at Krakatoa. The aliens have lost their home planet to another race of invaders, and are trying to kill all the people on Earth so they can move in here and not have to worry about the inhabitants fighting back. They are seven foot tall insects which look like a cross between cockroaches and black widow spiders. I figure that part will be great in the movie version. There is nothing like a huge drooling, nasty looking alien to get people really on the edge of their seats.

The next section of the book exposes a massive plot by the CIA to use pedophiles to poison the minds of children, and of course to spread HIV and other nice juicy STD’s to most of the kids in urban areas. I haven’t quite worked out why they are doing that, but I am sure I can come up with something believable. I know it should be the FBI for internal plots, but somehow the CIA sounds scarier.

The conclusion may seem a bit off the wall, but it really rocks. Mrs. President on one of her do-gooder expeditions, followed by TV cameras from all the major networks, buys 50 boxes of Thin Mints from a handicapped Brownie Scout who is trying to make enough money to take her troop to Disney World for Mickey Mouse’s birthday. Then, the TV crews follow her back to the White House where she distributes the boxes to everyone in the building, finishing up with Mr. President and their kids all sharing the last box. All the cookies contain cyanide but no one can smell the poison over the chocolate mint aroma.

So, Mr. Koontz, what do you think? Will it work?


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