It is Tuesday evening, the sun is going down, and the sky is turning from gray to black. January is no time for happy thoughts. Sunshine is at a premium, and blue skies are hard to remember. Harold never thought it would end like this. No one ever thought it would end, but to be a sitting duck for an asteroid coming in from the wrong direction was so ironic. He never even bothered to look at the stars much. There were so many more important things in his life to worry about. His mom was dying on cervical cancer. Sylvia, his beautiful sixteen year old daughter was not going to be able to go to college. She was a cheerleader during her high school years, but even if she really buckled down and studied there was no way she could achieve grades that would get her into college now.

The Russians promised to send a space ship up to blow the sucker into pieces, but NASA didn’t think they would be able to get anything into space soon enough to do any good. Our space program was in shreds, following the non-depression of 2008. China was making noises, but if their space ships worked like their other products, forget that. Last night his family gathered around the new 68 inch high definition t v screen, while America’s top scientists tried to explain what was going to happen. Harold never was any good at science, but even he got the picture when they showed an animated film of the asteroid hitting earth. Splat! Not much in the way of happy ever afters there. His son, Cody, sat in front of the screen, passing his football from one hand to the other. No more big games. No chance at the NFL. No chance at all.

Next month was all they had. On February 29th, the asteroid would be here. Good thing it was leap year. The President had made his best speech so far. He asked everyone to hold on and continue as if there was still a future. “We will do our best!” he promised. Harold figured they would, this time, if never before. After all, having a bomb shelter built under a mountain wasn’t going to save anyone. Harold wondered what the President would do when the time came. Hell, he wondered what he would do.


8 Responses

  1. great story.

  2. Ah yes, the non-depression!

    Harold’s thoughts of relatively unimportant stuff are endearing (and I laughed at the cheerleader part!)

  3. He seemed so calm about it.. thoughtful, yet calm. Then again, I suppose there’s not much one can do. (Hope everyone reacts that way, if the time comes.)

    Nicely written – smooth read.

  4. Interesting and fun- well done.

  5. I love how this is written _ in the face of catastrophe Harold bemoans the loss of future, but whith such calm you can’t help but think maybe he should be in charge.

    Well done.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I think the big problem is that no one, including the President or Harold can think of anything to do to stop the asteroid. And with an asteroid, who can you blame? The terrorists didn’t send it or the Republican war mongers, or the liberal left. It just came. Barb Relyea

  6. Gadzooks! An asteroid coming from the wrong direction! I loved how you went from outer space to minutiae in the space of a line 🙂 One little quibble? The use of ‘our’ by the narrator. Who is ‘we’? But a really fun read. (And I loved what you had the president say!)

  7. Sorry I did not make it around last week. This was fun. When doom is certain the best one can hope for is to face it with some dignity. And party like hell!

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