The wolves appeared out of the dark woods running together silent as the frozen night.   I could hear them panting and running along the open grassland behind my horse. Looking over my shoulder, I saw the five wolves were running spread out in a wide curve… 


The escalator stretched from the main floor up to the second floor.  The steps flowed up in a continuous silver stream, gleaming in the overhead lights.  All I had to do is to step onto the first step, hold on to the slowly moving hand rail, and I would arrive safe and sound on the next floor, but my legs were locked stiff. I could see myself stepping onto the moving steps, but my legs would not move forward. A shout from behind me caught my attention, and I looked behind me to see a masked man in a black skin suit carrying an AK-47 was running directly at me. I was standing in front of the escalator which was his real goal. My legs would not move. A shot rang out. Behind the armed man, the pack of wolves surged through the crowd, fangs gleaming as they surged towards me.


The armed man pushed me aside and leapt on the escalator. I began to fall. The wolves were circling, closer and closer. The mall disappeared and all was dark, except I could still see the wolves falling with me, snarling and snapping whenever they came close . Somewhere in the distance, I could hear my mare whinny in fright,  as though she could see the wolves. I arched my back and tried to force myself farther from the wolves, but I could not move. Every muscle was frozen.


The Mustang responded to my every move. I gunned the gas pedal and it sped down the freeway as though there were no limits.  Ahead I could see the white  topped Rockies, rising from the high plains, and behind me, behind me there were flashing lights, red and blue fires in the rear-view mirror, and the wolves snapped and snarled, closer and closer. In one part of my mind, I knew I was safe because I was inside my car. But the sirens and the wolves all promised instant death. That was wrong, so wrong. Policemen are friends, helpers, the ones we look to when things go wrong, but everything was wrong, so wrong.


In the sky above the freeway, I saw a large helicopter.  Perhaps this was help. Surely a copter could handle wolves and police cars.  It came closer, and I saw the black skin of the copter, and there were no numbers painted on the craft.  As it began to hover over my horse, the sirens stopped, and there was no sound from the wolves.  My horse and I rose in the air toward the opening in the belly of the ship, while strange  impossible faces peered out at us. 


We were falling toward the ship, no longer a copter, but now a huge, silver craft with lights flashing and sounds whipping through the air. Falling, horse, wolves, myself and the Mustang.  All were falling toward a future I didn’t want to know, and falling away from a past I knew far too well.




8 Responses

  1. Very Interesting story!

  2. I have the most interesting nightmares, so thought I should use a few as inspiration. Thanks. Barb Relyea

  3. Barb, I think it best if you don’t eat turkey dressing right before bed! Wow, what a wild ride. Dreams are always so surrealistic, and you captured the nature of them so well here.

    And the part about being frozen at the base of an escalator read so true to life. I don’t have that fear, but I sure could feel it there.

  4. Wow — that’s intense. Wolves, cops, men with guns, copters, mother-ships. Seems like you are afraid of something and it’s chasing you in your dreams.

    Very well written!

  5. I tend to have “action dreams”, so I know where you’re coming from 🙂
    I love the mental image of wolves by escalators that reading this has given me!

  6. Bizarre! An excellent capturing of the disjointed, disconnected strangeness of dreams. A nice job putting that forward. The reader is left as dizzy and disoriented as the dreamer. Well done. 🙂

  7. My worst dreams have the world about to be blown up by some mad terrorist, and I am the only one who can stop the explosion. Of course, I don’t get there in time. Then I wake up with tons of guilt. I was trying to capture that feeling of lack of control and lack of continuity that the worst nightmares have. Did I mention I have a fear of falling?

    Barb Relyea

  8. intriguing and confusing in a good way, really liked some of the description in this.

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